How to make your first Movie.


Don’t have a video camera?  Check if your digital camera takes movie clips, if so, you’re ready to start.  Movie clips made with your digital camera are automatically listed in the Event Library under iPhoto Videos.  By the way, you can also add regular photos to your video and add movement. 

For this project,  I borrowed a camera and accompanied a few of the members of the Okanagan Mac User’s Group ( on a cruise of Okanagan Lake.

After rewinding the tape I was able to Import the video from the movie camera.  Of course, if you have a camera that does not save to a digital tape, but uses optical discs, solid state (flash) memory, or a removable hard disk drive, you should not try rewinding the tape.  Listed below are some pages with easy to follow steps to get you started on iMovie.  

A few Suggestions:

Don’t take video the same way you take pictures.  What we see with our eyes is not necessarily what will come out on video. Take more time for a video shot, than just a quick look.  Remember the rule:  You can cut later, but you can’t add it.   Pan slowly.  This used to be very important in the old 8 mm days.  I still think it a good rule.   The eye can compensate for movement a lot better than a camera.  Seeing it through a camera is totally different.  

Before you start that important project, take practice videos. 

Plan your project.  Get the co-operation from those who are with you if you are planning a certain thing.  i.e. stay long enough to get the right angle, lighting, whatever.    Strangers in your shots?  Get their permission if you intend to put it on the internet.

So..., I opened Safari and typed “how to download video from a Sony camcorder” into the Google Search Bar.  ... maybe I needed extra software, or did something else wrong.  It took only a few moments of reading to confirm that no extra software was needed.  All I had to do was  rewind the tape!  Hello!!  Rewind the tape.   Hmmm,  so I put the camera in Play mode and rewound the tape.

I brought the camera home, plugged it in and nothing happened.  Well, maybe not quite nothing.  A window similar to the one you see in the screen shot below right opened.  Aside from that though,  nothing....   I tried clicking “import”, and got a nice shot of what the camera saw sitting on the desk. 

Ready to get started?   Click a link below for steps.

  1.     Start here if you haven’t opened iMovie yet.

  2.     Importing from a Camera

  3.     Import from other locations, CD, or thumbdrive

  4.     Using iPhoto videos

  5.     Selecting clips for your Movie project

  6.     Adding pictures and creating movement

  7.     Stabilization

  8.     the Inspector

There are more topics that can be added.   If you would like to see easy steps for changing or adding sound, adjusting the clips, etc.  Send an email.

View project video (Don’t worry, it won’t bore you too long, just 5 minutes.)

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